Project Management, Simplified

Complex systems exist. Now, not everyone needs to be an experienced or certified project manager to be effective and contribute. We have boiled it down to the essentials, and used intuitive design, so your whole team can thrive and collaborate with ease. So simple, even those working on smaller projects who have less experience will be able to use it.


Collaborate with ease now that everyone can manage and contribute to a project

Win more focused work time, with less cumbersome project setup and maintenance.

Capture and track
 essential project information, just the essentials, no more, no less.

Gain visibility on project status, objectives, planning, risks, and spending.

All Company Projects, Stored in One Place

With better user adoption, you will use it for all projects, large and small. Result: you will have the complete view of everything happening across all of the projects within your organization, at any time.  With the ability to customize portfolios, easily capture the most vital insights across any group of projects you oversee, at any moment, in real-time. Now, you can lead with the confidence of knowing that you are informed and have the complete view as you make critical decisions.


Make the most of your team’s data and always be ‘in the know’ about portfolio dynamics.

Spend less time collecting status updates, going back and forth with project managers,  and save on costly PMOs.

Streamline reportingfor business reviews.

Instantly access roadmaps, risks and budgets for any portfolio of projects.


Project Knowledge, Centralized and Organized

No more lost or misplaced files. No more wasting time trolling through disorganized folders. No more reinventing the wheel as valuable knowledge disappears with turnover. Project collaborators can find everything they need within a few clicks, intuitively stored, so your whole team will be empowered to work more efficiently together. Goodbye chaos, hello access.

Centralize all your essential project information in one database.

Empower collaborators to be more efficient - eliminate back and forth email requests, time lost searching through endless folders, email archives, and incomplete databases.

Find project files and information, easily, when you need them, with all files stored within context - organized by project and intuitive sections within projects.

Capitalize on insights gained during past projects, conserved to give you invaluable continuity.