Our mission

To simplify project management to give you complete visibility across all the projects within your organization.

We’ve re-imagined project management to take the excess complexity out. Now, project management is user-friendly and accessible to more of your team. Now it’s a breeze for everyone within your team, organization, and externally, to easily contribute and maintain. Gone are the days when project management was limited only those who were certified or highly experienced in project management. We’ve made it accessible to all.

With more of your team members able to effortlessly lead, contribute, and maintain projects, you gain better visibility.  No more leading with a partial view. Say goodbye to unreliable data. Now, you can lead with the confidence of knowing that you are informed and have the complete view of everything happening across all of the projects within your organization, at any time.

About us

Our primary focus at Cairop is to make your life easier with respect to all of your project activity. We put you front and center, to provide the best possible user experience.

Our goal is not to bundle together all existing advanced project management methodologies that could be incorporated into one tool. Our solution is created to ease daily life for you. To give you the best possible experience, by giving you just enough, without over-complexifying project management.

Thanks to this approach and our ethos of keeping it simple, we are able to promise solutions that are accessible to everyone, enjoyable to use, and take into account the needs of all stakeholders - you, your team, contributors across your organization and external collaborators.

Founded in 2014, we are based in France, headquartered in the Paris innovation hub, NUMA. Our team is laser-focussed on ushering in a new era of accessibility and visibility in project management for you and your teams.