Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for using Cairop?

Cairop is available anywhere you have an internet connection. There is nothing to install, and all you need is a modern web browser.

Does Cairop work In all web browsers?

Cairop can be run in the following browsers:


Internet Explorer (version 8 and later)

Mozilla Firefox


Are there limits to the number of projects and portfolios that can be created?

There are no technical limits. Based on your requirements, we can offer you a package that is best suited to your needs, and ensure that any number of projects and portfolios can be created by your organization.

What is the maximum file size in Cairop?

There is no technical limitation for the size of one single file. Typically, files that are 500 MB or less can be uploaded without any problem. Files that are 1-2 GB will take longer. This will depend largely on the quality of your internet connection.

What is the storage limit for a project?

There are no technical limitations to the storage in a project. Based on your requirements, we can offer you a package that meets the needs of your organization.

What measures does Cairop take to ensure security of data?

The security of your information is a top priority for us at Cairop. To learn more about how we protect your data, you may consult our security page.

How do I access Cairop from my mobile device?

You can check in on your projects using the browser on your mobile or tablet.

Stay tuned, we will soon have apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Can I access a free trial?

Yes, you can! Contact us to access a free trial.

What is Cairop’s cancellation policy?

Transparent and fair - you can cancel at any time.

Where are Cairop’s servers located?

The Cairop production system is run out of three geographically dispersed locations in the US, EU, and in Asia. All critical servers and applications are installed in all three locations, which, in the event of a major disruption or disaster, ensures business continuity. If one of the locations fails, the backup sites is configured to take over all production tasks with minimal service disruptions and capacity loss.

Cairop has set up mirroring and backup routines for the production databases and document storage systems.

Is Cairop available in other languages?

Cairop is available in English and French at the moment. Get in touch with us if you have additional language requirements.


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