Create new projects in no time

All projects large and small can be created by anyone with just a few clicks. Tag easily your projects. 

Planning, made easy

Simple and effective planning tools. Easily create timelines, set milestones, and schedule meetings to drive your projects forward. No more tedious Gantt charts or out-of-date spreadsheets.

Simple, secure file sharing

Everyone can easily upload and retrieve files from one central place. Everything is stored in context, intuitively, by project and within projects, so all files are easy to locate.


Customize your view to get a snapshot of your most vital project or portfolio data, at any time. Easily create reports to capture essential insights in real time for project-specific or portfolio-level progress, deadlines, spending, resources, risks, etc.


Get reports like HR insights. So you can see when project managers will be available. Or see what has been your team contribution on projects last year. And more...

Store vital institutional knowledge

Define customers, suppliers, subcontractors or partners you are working with on your project with corresponding contracts, quotes, etc.


Security matters

Only those who are granted access will have access. Your vital project knowledge is safely stored. Click for details.